Self Care Beauty Tips

Self-care beauty tips Overview

The pace of life and the stress we are subjected to daily may not leave much time for personal care.

Self Care Beauty Tips 1
Self Care Beauty Tips

That is why we will make it easy for you: here we will give you self care beauty tips without taking so long.

1. Shiny hair:

There are many tricks for hair care. But without a doubt, the most effective is olive oil.

This simple product if you apply it to your hair from the roots to the ends and let it act for a few hours. It will give you a shine and it will make you look healthy and silky hair.

You can also try coconut oil and argan oil.

2. Removes dark circles

If you want to hide dark circles, we give you this trick: use red lipstick.

Although it sounds strange and is not a product intended for dark circles, it works. You just have to apply a little lipstick with the help of a brush in the area.

Then blend with the help of the brush, apply the concealer with small touches with your finger and finally apply the makeup base.

Self Care Beauty Tips 2
Self Care Beauty Tips

You will see that the lipstick will not be noticeable and you will have reduced those dark circles that damage your makeup.

3. Mask for a blemish-free face

If what you need are beauty tips for the face that are effective against skin blemishes, we have the answer to your question.

We recommend that you try this mask that you can create with materials that you have at home: you only need lemon juice, aloe vera leaf juice, mix them and then apply it to your face, leaving it to act for 30 minutes.

Then you remove it with warm water and dry your face well. Repeat once a week and you will notice the difference in your result.

4. Softer lips

If you want to have an impact smile, there is a trick that will help you achieve it: exfoliate the lips, although it is strange, many Hollywood actresses apply this trick, Jennifer Aniston has confirmed that she uses this formula: sugar and water, the mixture of these two and applying it while rubbing gently. You will leave it soft and clean. Then apply a balm to keep them hydrated

You can use: Revlon Kiss lip balm, Nivea lip balm

5. Say goodbye to blackheads

Another of the natural beauty tricks that we want to recommend you to solve this problem is exfoliating the skin with baking soda, aloe vera juice, and a few drops of lemon juice.

Self Care Beauty Tips 3
Self Care Beauty Tips

Apply it to your face, and then remove the mixture with water and dry it well. You must not forget that in addition to eliminating blackheads it is essential that you clean your face every day and drink plenty of water accompanied by a balanced and healthy diet.

6. Long eyelashes without a mask

Do you want to lengthen your lashes? If you apply a little petroleum jelly you will achieve it naturally, several figures in the artistic environment have confessed that at some point they used this homemade trick to lengthen their eyelashes without using mascara.

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