How to Remove Bathtub Stains

How to remove bathtub stains Overview

Bathtub stains are not easy to remove and in some cases, it is best to contact a professional for help because the chemicals required can create damage to your tub. If you live in an apartment, it’s probably best not to attempt this and get the management involved instead.

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steps on how to remove bathtub stains

  1. Mix the baking soda and vinegar together until you have a thick paste.
  2. Once the baking soda and vinegar are mixed thoroughly, apply them to the stained area.
  3. Allow it to sit for about 2-3 hours and then wipe clean with a damp towel.
  4. If you notice it still has residue on the tub, repeat steps 1-3 until all residue is gone.
  5. Use a degreaser that is non-toxic to clean the rest of the tub.
  6. If you notice a ring left behind, use “ring gone” as toothpaste and use a toothbrush to apply it.
  7. Scrub with a toothbrush as you normally would.
  8. Wait 2 hours and then rinse off entirely with a wet towel or sponge afterward.
  9. Use your non-toxic household cleaner to finish cleaning the rest of your bathroom, mirrors, etc.
  10. Continue to do this until you are satisfied with the job.
  11. Decide if you are going to paint or not, it may be worth the money to have a professional.
  12. If you decide to re-stain, follow the steps above again, with whatever product you choose to use.
  13. Follow these steps once more and the stain should be gone.
  14. If your problem is persistent, you need a professional plumber to check and see if there are any leaks or plumbing issues before proceeding further.

How Can I Make My Bathtub Look New?

One common complaint in mobile homes is yellow bathtubs. The yellowing can occur in both the whole tub and the surrounding material. ABS, fiberglass, and acrylic tubs can all turn yellow over time. To fix this problem, consider one of the following methods. Read on to find out what causes this problem and which methods are best for restoring the tub’s original color. Listed below are some of the most effective methods for refinishing the bathtub.

How to Remove Bathtub Stains

Apply a solution of apple cider vinegar and salt to the stained area. Allow the solution to sit for at least one hour, then scrub with a sponge. Repeat as necessary until the yellow stain disappears. You can also try a paste of baking soda and vinegar, or make a paste of the two and scrub it using a sponge. You can also use an auto polish compound to shine the surface.

If you want to remove stains, you can use a special cleaner for porcelain or enameled metal tubs. This product will remove soap scum and polish chrome faucets. Full-strength white vinegar is also an effective cleaner for hard water stains. Pour three cups of vinegar into the tub and let it sit overnight. The resulting solution will leave the tub shiny and new. When rinsing it, you should rinse with cold water, which will keep the bathtub shiny and protected.

You may want to consider refinishing your bathtub. If the caulk around your tub is old and moldy, it may be time to re-caulk it. It is important to remove all the old caulk and make sure that it is completely removed. After this, you can apply the new caulk. This will give the bathtub a fresh look and prevent the growth of mold.

Does Vinegar Remove Tub Stains?

If you want to know whether vinegar can remove tub stains, read on to find out how. It has been used to clean kitchen and bathroom sinks, and a few years ago, it was even used to get rid of red wine stains. Fortunately, there are more effective options out there.

If you’re looking for an easy way to clean your tub, here are a few. The first method involves using a mixture of vinegar and dish soap. Pour generous amounts of the mixture into the tub and wait for a few minutes. Then, use a non-scratch sponge to scrub the solution away. The amount of scrubbing you do will depend on the stain itself.

How to Get Severely Stains Out of a Bathtub

A good way to tackle severe stains on your bathtub is to use baking soda. This substance is a great stain remover and can be used on a variety of different surfaces including tiles and grout. Just be sure to dilute the baking soda with enough water to make a lather in the entire tub. Repeat the process as necessary, if needed. You can also use a homemade bleach solution.

Another easy way to remove hard water stains is by soaking paper towels in white vinegar. Place the paper towels over the hard water marks and let them sit for two to three hours. Next, you can create a paste from vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. You can then apply this mixture to the affected area and scrub the surface. Repeat the process if necessary to get rid of any remaining hard water stains.

Remove Bathtub Stains

Another method involves mixing one cup of white vinegar with a cup of water. This mixture should clean the stained area, but it will likely require a follow-up treatment. You can also use bicarbonate of soda solution to clean tough stains in minutes. Combine bicarbonate of soda with white vinegar. Mix the two, and wait for it to bubble and pop, breaking down the toughest stain.

Another way to remove stains is to rub them with a salt solution. Mix two to three cups of salt in a bowl. Allow the solution to dissolve before you scrub. Once the solution has dried, simply wipe away the excess. If you want to clean the tub without any chemical cleaners, then the salt solution is an excellent option. However, remember that salt can scratch the tub so make sure you scrub gently.


Removing stains from your bathtub is typically a job that should be left to the professionals unless you know exactly what you’re doing and have all the right materials. Remember: even if you get it clean, this method doesn’t stop future stains from happening in the future.

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