How to Install Your AC Window Unit Like a Pro

How to Install Your AC Window Unit?

This article will teach How to Install Your AC Window Unit? Also referred to as a “room air conditioner”, an AC window unit is an effective cooling solution for residential and commercial rooms.

How to Install Your AC Window Unit Like a Pro 1
How to Install Your AC Window Unit Like a Pro

Typically installed in windows, this basic form of air conditioning system can be relatively easy to install with the right knowledge and tools. Subsequently, a technician really isn’t necessary for the installation.

How to Install AC Window Unit (Step by Step)

If you are reading this, I assume you are seeking knowledge on how to install a window ac unit. If that’s right, I’m going to share the knowledge which you evidently highly seek. With that said, let’s get started:

Tools You Will Need

I know you are eager to learn how to install an ac window unit (step by step), but first things first; the tools required for the job. You will require a particular set of tools to be able to do the job. With that said, the tools are as follows;

A measuring tape.
The right type of a pair of scissors, depending on your AC model.
Screws and brackets(will probably come with your AC unit kit).
A screwdriver.

How to Do The Job ( Step by Step)

without Missing any Step

With the right tools and your AC unit at hand, it’s time to get down to work. Having said that, here is how to install an ac window unit (step by step):

How to Install Your AC Window Unit Like a Pro 2
  1. Determine the window and the spot(obviously the center of the window) on which you want to mount your AC unit.
  2. Next, open and ready the window for the unit. If that means installing a weather strip, which helps block any air that may pass through tiny cracks and safeguard the window against possible damage during the installation process for the AC, now is the time to do it.
  3. After that, take the unit out of the box.
  4. Thereafter, lift the unit gently and insert it into the center of the window, making sure it fits into place without presenting issues to the opening and closing of your window.
  5. Now install the L-shaped support brackets that came with your AC unit kit in the right spots around the window. The point of these essential accessories is to help support the weight of the unit, preventing it from falling off.
  6. Then attach the dual side panels to it, using the screws and screwdriver. It goes without saying that many window AC unit kits typically come with detached side panels that are supposed to be attached to the unit during installation.
  7. Finally, secure the unit to the interior window sill, using the screwdriver and the remaining screws before plugging in and powering up your AC, which should immediately begin cooling the room!
How to Install Your AC Window Unit Like a Pro 3

Important Tips, Tricks & Warnings

  1. Avoid attempting to lift your AC unit by yourself. You need an extra set of hands for this step to avoid potential accidental dropping of your unit.
  2. You should ideally attach the side panels to the unit only after you’ve mounted it on the window as opposed to when you’ve not yet done so.
  3. Never plug in and power up your unit during the installation process.


Contrary to the fact that many homeowners think that the window AC unit installation process is best handled by technicians, this process is actually so easy that you don’t need to hire a technician for it.

How to Install Your AC Window Unit Like a Pro 4
How to Install Your AC Window Unit Like a Pro

With the right tools and knowledge, which I shared above, you should be able to install your unit like a pro without the help of an expert.

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