How to Bake Chicken (Step by Step)

How to bake chicken Overview

Cooking and above all knowing how to cook has become a true art worldwide; sooner or later we all try to create excellent and tasty dishes, each following their own tastes and preferences.

A now famous dish is baked chicken, a course that fascinates many. Best Amazon Deals

What is needed?

� A chicken

� Rosemary

� Sage

� A clove of garlic

� A small shallot


� oil (butter or cocoa butter)

� Sale

� Pepe

How to bake chicken (Step by Step)


1) Clean the chicken with inflammation. It must be eviscerated including lungs, which in the kitchen would release blood and therefore a bitter taste in the mouth.

2) You have to prepare the chicken, cutting the head and neck: the skin of the neck must be engraved for the length, from the back, not from the inside.

Here we cut, cut the neck bone on the bottom and detach the neck itself.

There remains a kind of gauze, a leather strap that must be folded on the back to completely close the cavity left by the absence of ahead.

3) The legs are cut at the height of the heel joint and the bones are well exposed.

This is very important because the bone is the heat conductor and we must ensure that the thighs cook at the same time as the breast (which cook faster).

4) From the rear orifice, add a mixture of salt and pepper, massaging well. Salt and pepper on the skin only flavor the skin but do not penetrate the meat, therefore it is necessary to season inside with some rosemary, some sage leaves, a clove of garlic and a small shallot.

5) Tie the thighs and wings with the string. The thighs must close the orifice in this way, closed from behind and from the neck, a sort of inner tube is created which facilitates cooking by facilitating homogeneous cooking.

6) Grease all surfaces with oil or butter or lard or even cocoa butter.

7) Put in a preheated oven at 210 degrees. If the oven is ventilated, care must be taken to add a pot of water to the bottom of the oven, in order not to dry it

8) After the first 5 minutes at 210 degrees, the temperature is lowered to 180, even 170. And it is cooked for about 40 minutes.

In this second phase we will add the pan containing the potatoes under the grill, on which the cooking juices of the chicken will flow.

How to Bake Chicken (Step by Step) 1

9) Take a forceps and lift the chicken. If the liquid coming out from behind is pale pink, it is cooked to perfection.

If the liquid is too light – like water – the chicken will be overcooked (it looks like water); if the liquid is too full of color, the chicken is still raw

Some Other Tricks

-For roast chicken young animals should be chosen up to 4 months old; well fattened, and who lived outdoors!

– No baking tray. Everyone generally uses the pan but it is better to use a grill or a perforated pan. This allows the chicken not to rest in its cooking liquid, because we want a roasted not “stewed” effect.

-What potatoes? Yellow-fleshed potatoes.

They can be short stories, then they must be left whole (if they have the right size: pigeon egg, otherwise they can be cut in two) and with the peel, well washed and brushed.

Or, if they are large potatoes, they must be peeled and cut into wedges or large cubes (3×3 cm).

As long as they are cut the same size. It is not just an aesthetic requirement, but a functional one: they will have a uniform and regular cooking.

Before putting them in the pan, they must also be seasoned with salt, pepper, a clove of garlic and a drizzle of oil or butter.

A little, because the falling fat will be added.

-The trick: potatoes usually tend to stick to the bottom. To prevent this from happening you can use a sheet of parchment paper.

Or you can make potatoes lose part of the surface starch that is the element that makes them attack.

Just let them sit for one to two hours in cold water after cutting them.

-Suggestions for the service: cut the chicken in eighths.

How to bake chicken

The chest should be cut in 4 and not in two and so the thighs: the chest is cut in half transversely, so I will have the chest with attached a piece of the wing and a part of the chest without bone.

Then we kick the thighs, divide the thigh with the pilon and the upper thigh, obtaining the part of the chest with the bone. So there are the right proportions for every diner.

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how to cook chicken step by step

How to Cook Chicken Step by Step

Step-by-step guide to cooking chicken – perfect for breasts, thighs or wings – fast and delicious!

Start out right: start your shopping experience off right by selecting premium meat from a reliable local source. Look out for the raised by Canadian chicken farmer logo when browsing or consult with your grocer about available sources.

Prior to roasting your chicken, ensure it has been completely dried off – especially inside its body cavity – in order to minimize moisture absorption that turns into steam and sours crispy skin. For optimal results, this step should take place either the night before or morning of. Alternatively, season the bird by salting (see note below), leaving loosely covered in the refrigerator overnight and using this as an effective means to draw out moisture while seasoning more than just its surface layers.

By brushing both sides of chicken breasts with your preferred cooking oil before placing in an oven-proof baking dish or roasting pan, using it will prevent it from sticking and make seasonings adhere more readily to it.

Bake your chicken at a moderate heat until golden-brown and thoroughly cooked (the internal temperature should reach 165degF). Use a meat thermometer to check that the chicken has reached the required internal temperature.

Serve your cooked chicken with an easy homemade gravy that is both flavorful and rich – deglaze the roasting pan with wine, stock or water, scraping up any stuck-on bits from the bottom, then stir until deglazed again for an aromatised sauce that can serve both as an accompaniment and ingredient in delicious chicken soup!

how to prepare chicken before cooking

How to Prepare Chicken Before Cooking

Home chefs typically treat chicken as just another lean, healthy protein source; but with its limited fat content, chicken can sometimes turn out dry and stringy when prepared without proper care.

Many tips exist, but the most successful method for producing juicy chicken starts before even turning on your oven or skillet. Here are the steps for producing flavorful, delectable poultry every time!

Before beginning to cook your chicken, always ensure it has been thoroughly patted dry to help it brown evenly and avoid runny juices that could dilute sauces and soups. Doing this will ensure crispy skin, brown color and less runny juices!

Never wash raw poultry! Doing so exposes you and others to dangerous pathogens in the form of bacteria and germs, spreading across your sink, drain, cutting board, worktop and sink top. Furthermore, washing raw chicken may cause it to thaw unevenly as its temperature cools off during the cooking process, potentially leading to undercooked or overcooked parts of its flesh.

Make sure to always use a meat thermometer when checking the internal temperature of chicken thighs – particularly those cooked without bones – especially to check its internal temperature. Insert it into the thickest part of the thigh — not its bone — and ensure clear (not pink) juices run from it. Chicken should reach an internal temperature of 165 degrees F for optimal cooking results, and resting time between carving and serving can help ensure all those delicious juices redistribute throughout its muscle fibers for optimum flavor and tenderness.

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