How to use this Magnavox Universal Remote Control

How to use this Magnavox universal remote control Overview

How to use this Magnavox universal remote control since some people have difficulty performing some functions of this remote.

Unlike most universal remote controls, this remote control does not have a directions button, but you can still perform this task differently. 

If you wish to use the directions button, such as Right, Left, Up, or Down, you must press the Menu button twice to activate this function.  

Once you do that, the red indicator light will start blinking. This will transform the Volume button to the Right, and the Left button and Channel button will play the rule of the Up and Down function. 

The other buttons will still play their old functions, such as Enter button and others.

When you are done setting your tv, you have to wait about 20 seconds to see the red indicator light go away. 

This will indicate that your remote control has been returned to its initial state, so you can use volume buttons to control and Channel buttons for Channel. 

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