How to Unclog a Toilet the Easy Way

How to Unclog a Toilet Overview

A blocked toilet is the worst nightmare ever to have as it may post a challenge to solve it.

A clogged toilet may keep the bowl overflowing when you are flushing, trying to unblock it.

Some clogged toilet problems require the attention of a plumber or the know-how of the plumbing skills. To unclog a toilet, you may do it yourself following the outlined steps below. Best Amazon Deals


A pair of rubber gloves

A drainage snake.

A plumbing wrench

How to Unclog a toilet step by step

1. Wear rubber gloves that cover your arms completely. Then empty the water in the toilet bowl.

2. Insert a drain snake into the toilet drainage opening and keep pushing until you get to feel some resistance.

Rotate the handle of the snake drain so you can get to hook the material that is clogged. Hoping to have caught the clogged material, retrieve the drain snake.

3. In case the drainage snake does not get the materials out after several attempts, try using your hand to reach for the clogged matter.

If you do not reach for the matter using your hand, it is most probable that the material is clogging the upper part of the drainage.

4. Disconnect the water supply of the toilet and empty the toilet bowl. Make sure that the bowl is dry by using clothing to sip the remaining water after emptying the bowl.

Now disconnect the pipe connection for the toilet tank and the toilet bowl.

5. Using a plumbing wrench, remove the bolts keeping the bowl in place. Lift the bowl carefully away from its place.

Use clothing dry, any water spill that may occur, and try reaching the clogged matter using your hand.

6. If you do not get the stuck matter in the trap check for the waste pipe, you can use the drainage snake to try and get the hold of the clogged matter in the waste pipe or use your hand.

7. After getting the clogged material out, now it’s time to fix things as they were. Scrape off the wax around the flange and replace it with new wax.

Place the toilet bowl back in place and set the connections for the water supply. Flush the toilet to confirm it fixed.

It is important to note during the procedure, shut all the water supply valves before starting.

During the process, be warned of corroded valves and bolts, which may cause leakage if not attended to with care.

How to Unclog a Toilet the Easy Way

Utilizing the above crucial steps to unclog a toilet will solve the menace you are experiencing.

How to Unclog a Toilet Alternative Overview

On the off chance that your toilet isn’t flushing you may need to realize how to unclog a toilet.

While this may be an unpleasant activity, unclogging your own toilet can save you a group in plumbing repair bills.

The business is ordinarily straightforward, given you have the right tools.

Several names pass the primary essential tool to unclog a toilet. It may be called a power cup, handyman’s partner or just an unclogger.

When purchasing an unclogger, pick one that is specifically intended for use in the toilet.

These tools have expansion at the bottom that is designed to fit into the toilet drain to make a superior seal.

A second tool that is handy to have in case the unclogger doesn’t work is the toilet auger.

The auger is a meager long spring that can snake its way through the trap of the toilet to clear the most troublesome of plugs.

To utilize the unclogger necessarily place it in the toilet and make several commanding pushes down and then back up.

Be advised which splashes are likely, so you shall need to be cautious. With practice, you shall have the option to feel a stop up travel into the funnels and also clear a drain.

When this water level in your toilet has departed down, flush repeatedly and also be sure which it is draining appropriately.

If you are unable to clear the drain with an unclogger, have a go at utilizing the drill.

To utilize the auger, retract the drill all the way and place the plastic sleeve in the toilet, coordinating the head of the drill down the drain.

Turn the handle a clockwise direction and gradually power the spring down the drain.

When the tool is through the pipe, retract it, and your toilet should flush with no further issue.

In the event that unclogging doesn’t work, at that point fill a pot with boiling water and empty it into the bowl until you reach about half way up the container, the heated water may slacken up any secure stop up in the toilet trap.

How to Unclog a Toilet

Let the warm water work for you, after a couple of moments attempt to plunge again.

Now and again you can top the can off with water and empty it powerfully into your bowl, causing a siphon action and pulling the substance in the bowl down the drain with the high temp water.. Best Amazon Deals

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