How to set up Android phone (step by step)

How to set up Android phone Overview

Android is a Google search provider’s cell phone operating system. Found on a number of smartphones, Android is the world’s best-selling mobile operating system.

Android is an open-source OS, enabling anyone to create their own applications (such as apps or games) on Android platforms.

Android OS is also used in tablet computers, with Android 3.0 latest version.

Although the Android OS has been in use since 2008, Google’s daily updates and support keep Android today’s leading-edge framework.

So now that you’ve bought your new Android phone, there’s a lot you can do to make your life easier.

A Google search might easily end with a thousand items, but which ones should have priority?

Below is how to set up android phone step by step.

Set up your contact list

When setting up android phone, the primary feature of the Android phone is “a phone,” setting up your new Android phone should be the first thing to do.

You can conveniently make and receive calls with the contacts populated.

The best way to set up the contact list is by setting up a Google Gmail account, placing all your contacts in it, and then setting up your phone to sync with your Google Gmail account.

Your contacts can be updated from a computer or your phone at this stage and will be completely synchronized all the time.

Get the latest Google Play Store app

Some of the apps are charged, others are free. It’s crucial to note there’s a 15-minute trial period also for paid applications.

Yeah, if you don’t like the app you just downloaded, you’ve got 15 minutes to offer a refund, and your credit card won’t be charged.

So, try them all, believing you can’t get fooled. If you purchased an app and didn’t download it for 2 hours, the order will be automatically canceled without any intervention from your hand.

Secure your android phone

Use the easiest of all, PIN (personal identification number) Now that has to be the easiest and most popular of all because every phone has a system where you can set up a pin, and you’re the only one who will know your phone’s PIN combinations.

Always ensure your phone has a memorized Lock. Even email accessibility, client documents like internet access should be protected with a strong password or Lock.

The old saying goes; you never know what you have until it’s gone, but don’t let that be you when your phone’s gone.

Plus, securing your phone and even other gadgets you’ve got is better than fixing them, or worse, having to fix them because they’ve been stolen.

How to set up android phone (step by step)

Choose the right features, applications, and programs for your Android phone and bear in mind that your mobile is as important to you as the car you drive or the house you live in, as it contains much of your vital information and even future decisions.

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