How to Cook Rice in Rice Cooker (Step by step)

How to cook rice in rice cooker?

In this blog post, you will learn How to cook rice in rice cooker? Although rice is one of the most leisurely meals to prepare for family or even guests, it can be challenging when preparing a large quantity of rice; and this is where a rice cooker comes in handy. A rice cooker is a perfect and convenient cooking appliance that prepares the rice perfectly. Plus, it is a time saver.

How to Cook Rice in Rice Cooker (Step by step) 1
How to Cook Rice in Rice Cooker (Step by step)

Also, with a rice cooker, you don’t necessarily need to monitor the cooking process. The majority of these appliances are automated, where they automatically shut off when the rice is ready. Without further ado, here is a step by step on preparing rice with a rice cooker.


Rice cooker
Measuring cup
Serving bowl

Essential things to keep in mind when cooking rice cooker

The rice cookers come in varying sizes, which determines the rice quantity you can prepare with the appliance.
The water is measured in the ratio of 2: 1. Meaning one cup of rice should be cooked with two cups of water
The cooking time will depend on the type of rice you use. This takes between roughly 20 to 30 minutes.

The steps to follow

1. Prepare the rice cooker appliance

This is the first step and crucial if you have stayed for a while before using the rice cooker. You need to make sure the rice cooker is clean and still functioning. So, get the rice cooker appliance and clean it if need be. Also, test by connecting to a power socket to see if it is still functioning. If you notice a red blink when you connect to power, well, you are good to go.

2. Measure and clean the rice

Measure the rice you want to cook in a rice washing bowl and clean it under running water. Ensure the rice is clean until the water dripping off the bowl is clear and has no white or creamy residuals.

How to Cook Rice in Rice Cooker (Step by step) 2

3. Transfer the rice

Ones the rice drains off the excess water, then transfer it to the rice cooker pan. This is the removable rice cooker bowl, which is used for cooking the rice. Ensure to spread the rice all around the pan for even cooking.

4. Add water

Keep in mind that the amount of water you add to your rice will determine the quality and how well cooked it will be at the end of the time. So, make sure to add enough water that will evenly cook the rice all around. Too much water will make the rice too mashy, while lesser water may leave the rice uncooked or burnt. How to measure the rice water

If you are cooking two cups of rice, measure 4 cups of water( follow the ratio of 1: 2)
If you are using a measuring device, add 400 ml of water to 360 ml of rice

5. Season your rice

Add salt and any other seasoning of your choice, stir and cover

6. Plug the rice cooker

Then plug the rice cooker to the power socket and turn the appliance on. Set the cooking time and leave your rice to cook slowly. If your rice cooker is not automatic, you may need to check the cooking rice to prevent it from burning. But if it is automated, well, you don’t need to monitor the device as it automatically goes off when the rice is ready and time elapses.

7. Leave the rice to settle

Leaving the rice to settle for a while before transferring to a serving bowl is crucial to allow the rice to absorb all the water, stay warm for longer, and evaporate the steam collected during the cooking period.

8. Transfer the rice for serving

Transfer the rice from the rice cooker pan to a serving bowl and serve with your favorite stew.


These are the simple and easy ways to prepare rice using a rice cooker.

How to Cook Rice in Rice Cooker (Step by step) 3

The most crucial details worth focusing on when preparing rice is the amount of water you use and the cooking time, especially if you are using a standard rice cooker. Test your rice cooker to ensure it is functioning before using it.

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