How to Assemble an Office Chair

How to Assemble an Office Chair Overview

If you want to spruce up your office, buying an office chair is one way. However, when you purchase an office chair online, it does not come as a complete chair.

How to Assemble an Office Chair

Typically, office chairs come as ready to assemble. While assembling an office chair might seem intimidating, it is an easy task that can be completed with simple tools, following instructions, and patience. Looking to assemble an office chair? Follow these guidelines and tips:
Remove all the protective wrappings to confirm all chair parts are present and in good condition. Each chair part is wrapped with plastic or bubble wrap to protect it from damage. While unpacking, find a clean workspace with enough assembly space and avoid mixing chair parts/pieces with other things in your house. Check the manual to ensure you are not missing any pieces. If you suspect you are missing some pieces from the set, contact the store or seller immediately.

How to Assemble an Office Chair

Gather your tools

You will notice that major chair components are pre-assembled to make your job easier. However, you need some basic tools to assemble the rest of the chair. Ensure you have a hex key or Allen wrench to complete the assembly process. Sometimes, include other simple tools like a mallet or screwdriver just in case you need them.
Assembling the base
Flip the star-shaped wheelbase over and insert the casters into the sockets. Usually, most office chairs have five casters, although they can vary depending on the chair you’ve bought. You do not need any tools to insert casters into the sockets. However, you can use a rubber mallet to tap the casters. Upon inserting all the casters, flip the wheelbase and insert the gas lift into the center hole. To do it right, the end with the wider diameter (black end) should go into the wheelbase.
Assembling the seat
After assembling the base, put it aside and start assembling the seat. Flip over the main seat cushion to expose its underside. Take the chair’s mechanism and align the holes. Since the chair’s mechanism has a front and back label, it is easier to fit it on the seat. To assemble the seat, insert the four bolts on the chair’s mechanism and tighten them using your fingers. Then, tighten them further using a screwdriver or

How to Assemble an Office Chair tips

Allen wrench.
With the mechanism in place, you need to proceed to the armrests. Smaller armrests only require two bolts to attach to the seat, while larger armrests require four bolts. In some office chair designs, the armrests attach to the seat and backrest. If you are unsure about anything, refer to the user manual guide to know how to attach each piece and how many bolts you should use. After installing the armrests, proceed to the backrest. Luckily, installing the backrest is similar to installing armrests. Just find the correct bolts, align them and tighten them onto the backrest.
Tip: Always check the alignment of the screws. If the screw is not turning smoothly, do not force it.
Sometimes using the wrong screws or bolts could lead to resistance. Countercheck to ensure you use the right screws/bolts when installing armrests and backrests.
Final Assembly
With the base and seat assembled, you need to put the two together. Final assembly is easy because it does not require using tools. Just align the upper part of the chair with the main chassis and the chair’s gas strut. Exert pressure using your body weight, and you are done. Your body weight keeps the seat attached to the chair’s base, and you do not need to screw anything in place.
Finally, as you enjoy your new office chair, you must check the casters. Sometimes the casters may fail to roll properly. If that’s the case, ensure the office chair wheels (casters) are fully inserted into the base. You can try lubricating the casters and keeping them clean. Debris like paper shredding or hair might restrict the movement of the wheels in the long run.

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